Course Preview - Advanced purchasing skills for petrochemicals, derivatives and related raw materials

James Ray, Senior Consultant for Polymers at ICIS will provide you with insight into the best purchasing practices that he has observed and further developed over the years to help with your purchasing strategy and decision making. These concepts will be further examined in the Advanced Purchasing Course.

In this pre-recorded webinar, James will touch on the following Advanced Purchasing areas:

  • Proper resource allocation: to help you best manage your largest cost driver
  • Value chains: to understand what influences your prices
  • Opportunity analysis: to objectively prioritize your resources
  • Optimizing volume pricing: to achieve the lowest total cost
  • Performance Metrics: to understand what is going on and drive the best decisions by employees

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About the speaker

James Ray brings a unique blend of technical, managerial and analytical experience to his consulting role at ICIS.

He has business advisory experience in the areas of benchmarking, operation cost modelling and activity based costing systems, planning, scheduling and project management, risk assessment, supply and demand analysis, alternate value streams and price forecasting.

Prior to working for ICIS, James worked for private industry (primarily Capital Management) in manufacturing, converting & recycling polymers for blow moulding, extrusion and injection moulding as well as textiles. His focus was on improving profitability by working smarter and employing strategies for reducing raw material costs using market intelligence and benchmarking, establishing raw material contracts and aligning with commercial contracts, eliminating waste via Lean Manufacturing and implementing process improvements using Six Sigma Methodology.

James holds a degree in computer science from the University of Texas.