ICIS Fertilizer Quiz 2011

Welcome to the ICIS Fertilizer Quiz: ten questions to test your knowledge ranging from top chemical companies to ICIS blogs, plus a tie-breaker in case of deadlock. All fields must be filled in before you can send in your entry, so, if you need some time, print out the questions and submit the answers when you are ready. Entries need to be in by Thursday 12th January - at the latest.

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Which fertilizer can be used on death row as a fatal injection?
Which ICIS reporter presents the on the ammonia channel
page on ICIS.com?
Which country is the world’s largest importer of
diammonium phosphate (DAP)?
Which region is the largest exporter of ammonia?
K is the chemical symbol of which chemical element
found in potash?
What is a superphosphate made from?
What am I? I am produced by bats and seals, I was the subject
of a US Act which gave citizens discovering a source of me the
right to take possession of unclaimed land and exclusive rights
to the deposits. After the war of the Pacific, I made Chile rich.
I am a naturally occurring source of phosphate and nitrogen.
What am I?
How many cubic metres of natural gas do you need to make
one tonne of ammonia?
How much ammonia do you need to make one tonne of urea?
What is the main export destination for Egyptian urea?
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What percentage of the ICIS workforce is based at the company’s headquarters in Sutton, UK?
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